PLEG for water sensor

I recently purchased a water sensor for my sump pump. I set it up to send me notifications when it triggers. Its been giving me some false triggers, so I was
trying to set it up in PLEG to arm the sensor device when its been continuously triggered for 2 minutes or more which would then send the notification message to me then. This is the PLEG condition I have now: SumpPumpSensor and (!SumpPumpSensor; SumpPumpSensor; Now > 2). The action would arm the device and then after a 5 minute delay it would disarm it. I’m still getting false alerts. Could someone help with the PLEG logic so that the sensor would have to stay on continuously for 2 minutes before arming the sensor device.

Try this:

SumpPumpSensor and (SumpPumpSensor; Now > 2:00)

This will become true when SumpPumpSensor is on and has been on for at least two minutes. The actual time will vary from 2:00.001 to 3:00 due to the way Now works.

Note that if you specify a time without any colons, it is interpreted as seconds.

Thanks RexBeckett for the quick reply. I’ll give that a try.