PLEG: Features, or a feature request

First off, PLEG makes Vera actually usable, and goes way beyond. It’s really a gem. Not only that, but the PLEG Basics PDF is amazing.

I’ve got two questions or requests:

  • Is it possible to disable an action? Right now, I don’t see it, but it could be nice to be able to disable an action w/o having to delete it.
  • Would it be possible to add a column in the Actions, Inputs, Conditions for a comment? It would be nice to be able to have a real English description of what each thing does, rather than have to sort through code (I am a programmer, but my wife isn’t, for example).
  • If I go in to edit an Action, don’t make any changes, I am left with a red Save button - but no cancel button. Right now I just refresh the page to get rid of it.

Now, I know the plugin is free, so I am willing to put some money via paypal if the developer wants to PM me.

Thanks again…