PLEG - Export condition


wonder if anyone can advise what the export option does when defining a condition? And how it should be used?

I’m hoping it means that you can export the results of a condition, so that they could be used in other PLEG devices?

Currently I use virtual devices (switchboard) to handle passing conditions from one PLEG device to another, but if I could use an exported condition, I could get rid of a lot of my virtual devices.

Thanks in advance,

That is exactly what it is for. I created a condition in one PLEG called “QuietTime” and I pull that into my other PLEGs. You do that by referencing the other PLEG and importing the exported condition in the Device Properties section. I find that it always gets imported as a string, so I convert back to boolean with another condition…

Thanks, that’s great! trying to reference it directly in a condition, so was missing the device property part.

Thanks for your help, much appreaciated.

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