PLEG: event duty cycle (interval)

Hi, I have a condition setup that’s a function of many different things. It’s working. However, I want to make it such that when the condition is true, the device that I SetTarget of 1 (turn on) is operated with 15 minutes on, then 15 minutes off. Said another way, I want an interval (duty cycle) for the condition. I tried to make an interval and PLEG reported “exceeded free limits” How is this done in PLEG? Thanks.

Allow me to be the first of many to suggest you move this workflow over to Reactor plug-in if at all feasible. There, it’s a trivial matter to implement such things.

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Thanks. I just tried it and I do think it’s easier to use.
I am now trying to replace some other existing PLEG flows to reactor.

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Sounds like you are not licensed… I would be happy to help if you post a status.

Hi thanks. I gave up on PLEG and switched to Reactor. Thanks.

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