PLEG Error - Parsing Bug?

This condition:

2ndDoorLeftOpen AND ((2ndLeftOpenRepeat; 2ndDoorOpen)  OR (2ndLeftOpenRepeat; NOW > 5:00))

Yields this error when saving:
Illegal Count Expression: 2ndLeftOpenRepeat; 2ndDoorOpen

Yet this condition

xndDoorLeftOpen AND ((xndLeftOpenRepeat; xndDoorOpen)  OR (xndLeftOpenRepeat; NOW > 5:00))

Works fine.

It appears that the digit in the name is being interpreted as an operator or something. Is this a bug or is this my lack of understanding.

Variables can’t start with a number.

Sorry I did not document that … but I do not recall any scripting language that lets variables start with a number … and I have used a lot. So it never occurred for me to try it or document it.

For programmers … it’s just understood …

Thanks Richard.