PLEG Does not like Insteon(using Altsteon) Keypadlinc as trigger

I have been able to replicate this problem in multiple PLEG applications. The issue occurs when trying to utilize one of the keypadlinc buttons to trigger a PLEG event. It also occurs even if I use a Vera scene to trigger a PLEG event and the Vera scene trigger is one of the keypadlinc buttons. Generally what I have noticed is that when I utilized a virtual switch or virtual multiswitch button to trigger a PLEG event the PLEG event works as anticipated. Now if I use a Vera Scene to turn on the same virtual switch, in which the Vera scene is triggered by a keypadlinc button, the timing of the PLEG events get all messed up. Essentially the delays are not recognized properly and all of the actions get run right after the other. This does not work well if you need timed events. Strangely I can run the same scenario with changing the PLEG actions to a RunScene action to run a Vera Scene with identical actions and it will work just fine. So there is something about the keypadlinc which is controlled through Vera and Altsteon that PLEG doesn’t play nicely with. Does anyone have any thoughts as to why this may be?

A PLEG Debug log would be useful … in this case the LOG should be the option with the Vera Log File … so we can correlate what the Alsteong.
plugin is doing and how the PLEG is respondin. If Alsteon has some debug options … you may want to turn them on as well.