PLEG Conditions Partial String Matches

I’m seeking to use PLEG to examine data coming from the Kwikset lock, specifically the individual PIN code information. When the user enters a PIN the lock reports with a two line response in “sl_UserCode” which user code was satisfied e.g.

   UserName="Code 1"

In looking through the PLEG documentation I don’t see anywhere that the condition can be satisfied by a partial match for example “Code 1” or a wildcard like “Code 1”. Is either of these possible? If not is there a way to extract a partial string e.g. “sl_UserCode,19,6” i.e. evaluate 6 characters beginning at position 19? Or must the entire string be matched?


Is there not a drop down for pin index in the trigger section once you select the device? Instead of matching a string, you should capture an index value of the pin being used.

I have a Schlage, but assume that it is similar to the Kwikset