PLEG condition re check

I have this condition

AutoAway NOT Jhome and NOT Mhome

I would like this condition only become true if it is still true 5 mins later

would this work:

AutoAway (NOT Jhome and NOT Mhome) and (NOW > 5:00 ; (NOT Jhome and NOT Mhome))


I luv the creativity … but no.

This has to be done with a second condition. The existing condition provides the time stamp for the start of the interval … the second one would make sure it is on for a contiguous 5 minutes.

The second one would be:
AutoAway5Min AutoAway and (AutoAway; NOW > 5:00)

Yes looking at your condition it makes sense. Should have been able to work that out myself… but had a mental block

one more…

(Porchopen and Jhome) i want this to be true when Porchopen is true, and Jhome has been true within the last 15 mins.

would this work:

(Porchopen and (Jhome or (Jhome;NOW < 15:00)))

That works.

I am struggling to understand why my condition is not becoming true.


Porchdooropen Porch door is tripped 2013-10-25 14:10:16 false so it has been true @ 14:10


Porchopen Porchdooropen @ 2 > 1:00 2013-10-25 08:40:49 false

That should have triggered ??? I also know the porchdooropen has been true at or around 09:00 and again 10:30 but why is the condition Porchopen timestamp not being updated ? And i know that the corresponding action has not been triggered by Porchopen. In my opinion Porchopen should trigger and only ignore the trigger if it has been triggered again within 1 minute ? What am i missing ?


I have beeb watching this for a while. Sometimes the trigger works, sometimes it doesnt. Whenever i think its working, and i try a few times, it works a few times and then for no reason it does not trigger. Very weird and annoying. If it never worked, i would understand. But 50% or 60% ? Especially as the Poorchdooropen trigger registers a trigger, why on earth does the condition only work sometimes ?