PLEG - avoid repeated actions?

Loving PLEG!

I have conditions that are evaluated often, based on commonly-fired motion sensors, NOW, etc. Whenever these conditions are evaluated to TRUE, the appropriate actions are taken. What I’m looking for is a way to fire the action only on a false-true transition.

My real world example is a condition that determines if the family room is vacant long enough to turn off the lights and HVAC. This looks at a bunch of other motion sensors to try to work out exactly how likely it is that the family room is really vacant. (Can’t just rely on the motion sensor.) When it’s vacant, I turn off lights and stuff. However, any time any of the other motion sensors is triggered, it also evaluates the family room vacancy condition, finds it still true, and fires the actions. That’s a lot of extra traffic.

Is this possible with some more complicated logic? I suppose I could maintain the current state of the condition in a variable elsewhere, but that’s again a lot of extra Vera processing.

PLEG actions usually only fire when the associated condition expression becomes true. In my devices I do not get repeated actions when the condition expressions remain true.

Would you like to post your Inputs, Conditions and Actions so we can try to help you with this?

OK. Then I think what must be happening is that it’s becoming false for some reason. Let me look at the log files. If I can’t figure it out, I’ll post the gory details. :slight_smile:

I'll post the gory details. :-)

If you upgrade your PLxx plugins to V2.5, you can use the Report button to get all the gory details in one window.