PLEG and Multiple Veras

Question for RTS

I have 1 Vera3 and 3 VeraLites, plus a spare Lite that is not connected currently.
The Vera3 is what I consider the master and sees all devices from all Veras; the others only see their own(Z-wave) devices.
All apps are installed on the Vera3(master). The others simply have all z-wave devices.
All scenes on the master Vera3.
I have about 65 Zones on my alarm panel connected by AD2USB, including about 10 motions and 11 exterior doors.

I have setup a few PLEG scenarios for “door left open”, “turn on/off light based on motion”, etc.

I want to add “door left open” so that all 11 exterior doors are monitored, all 10 motion sensors turn on/off lights, and I want to add “lock door within 1 minute only if door is closed”.

It’s my understanding that this may be too much for a single PLEG. Is this true?
If so, should I, (A) create a 2nd PLEG on the same Vera3?


Should I, (B) move my AD2USB to the spare Vera, and add this Vera(with all alarm sensors) to all the others, so that each Vera3/VeraLite can run PLEG on it’s own for the devices in those areas, and thus “split the load” amongst all the Veras?

Do you think I will run out of memory on option A? If not, will option A become slow because of all the inputs and conditions?
Do you think I will see a performance/speed boost by having each vera share the load?

You can run it all on one PLEG. It will actually save a little memory.

Once you get too many conditions, it just gets hard to manage…so splitting it up in to multiple makes more sense at the expense of a little memory

For best performance you should put the PLEG conditions and inputs on the device where the majority of input events will happen.
Remote events are much slower in slaved Veras.

In some cases it sounds like you will require inputs from multiple Veras. Just try to minimize the coupling.

The performance of remote events is likely to dominate your experience.

Thanks for the replies. I think most of the inputs and conditions that I want to actually trigger something else quickly, are the alarm sensors, mainly motions. When you walk into a room and trigger motion, you want the light to turn on pretty quickly. If the other events, such as locking doors, turning off lights, and sending notifications are delayed for a few more seconds, it really does not matter. I think my main concern was overloading the single PLEG on the Vera3. I can easily copy the status report over to Excel and filter it down so it’s not confusion.

For now, I think will stick with the PLEG that is on the Vera3 that also has the AD2USB device/alarm sensors. We’ll see how it goes.