PLEG Action to run only when AWAY

I have a series of motion sensors that I would like to trip while my house is set to AWAY.

for instance:


Reason for this is because my lights turn on/off based on motion and if I can force trip motion at random times when I am gone, this will make the house look lived in without having to make this super complicated.

In your conditions, ensure you have it look at your Home Mode so it is true only when Away.

Makes sense… guess what I am trying to figure out now is how to randomly call a series of events in time intervals when the alarm is set to away. Like, every 15 mins, call one of two events. Probably just use some timers is my guess. I’m going to experiment and see what happens.

Sorry, maybe this is a translation problem … :-
Do you want to revitalize your home in the absence?
And than you are not satisfied with the wonderful application “Deus Ex Machina 2”?

Have you considered the plugin: Deus Ex Machina II? Super simple to setup, respects house-modes out of the “box”, and generally works really well.

Perhaps you want to stick with PLEG and/or Luup. If so, I respect that and you can ignore my suggestion.

Good luck.