PLEG + 4in1 eaon labs sensor

I’m trying to have the ‘light level going below a certain value’ as in trigger within PLEG. PLEG does let me select the light sensor, but when I click on Event Type:‘brightness reached’ I don’t get input fields to fill in trigger name and value. Is this a bug in this version(6.9) of PLEG?

I think it is a problem with the way the Multisensor device is defined. The simple work-around is to set a PLEG Device Property to the sensor’s CurrentLevel variable and use that with a numeric comparison in your Conditions. E.g.:

Condition (LightLevel < 123)

Actually it’s a bug … It will be fixed when I release the changes to support UI7 (it will be fixed in UI5 as well).
Besides the work around that Rex indicated … you can select the battery level than change back to light level.

This bug is only present on the first defined trigger of a small number of device types.