Please helt with off timer/motion. Status attached!

Trying to get my bathroomlight to turn off 5 min after last motion (and re start the timer if started and new motion). I realy think this is the way but it doesent seem to work? I have a motionsensor powered over USB with 1 min sending rate.

Please help me.

Regards Jonas

For some reason i have gotten it to work all of a sudden … Dont ask me how … ?

But then i have another problem, that is sometimes i turn the light on, before the motion sensor registers my movement - and then turn the light off the same second i turn it on. Guess i would need some kind of delay before the timer condition shoots? Any inputs or is this forum completely abandoned?

You can add an additional check to see if the light is turned on manually, perhaps as a trigger, that starts the timer.

This is my contidion:

!t1Motion and (!t1Motion; Now > 5:00)

I have now made a trigger, t1LightOn (When light is on)

Where do i attach that in my condition?

t1LightOn AND !t1Motion and (!t1Motion; Now > 5:00)
t1LightOn AND !t1Motion and (tLightOn AND !t1Motion; Now > 5:00)

Or how do i do that?

I think an OR is needed in there.

Where do i type that? Could you please show me?

Perhaps this?
t1LightOn OR (!t1Motion and (!t1Motion; Now > 5:00))
t1LightOn OR (!t1Motion and (tLightOn AND !t1Motion; Now > 5:00))

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