Please help - simple dimmer problem

Simple problem: wall switch controls an overhead light. I now want it to also control a wall sconce. Running romex is looking more and more promising, but its an outside wall with a vaulted ceiling so it would be a huge PITA to do…

Must be fast - no polling. Both dimmers must be synchronized, no double-tapping to turn on the other light.

Preferably not rely on a controller.

Nice to have: remote to turn on/off and change brightness.

I’ve bought $300 in stuff to try to make this work and I’ve failed so far. Whatever I don’t need is going back.

Vera Lite
Linear WD500Z-1 Dimmer switch
Aeotec Micro Smart Dimmer
Aeotec Minimote

I also have (probably going back, as they aren’t dimmers):
Linear FS20Z
Aeotec DSC26103 In Wall Micro Switch

Probably also going back:
Aeotec Z-Stick S2 USB and the demo version of InControl Home Automation

I think what I want is to associate the Aeotec dimmer with the linear dimmer switch but I can’t seem to get it to work. I’ve tried setting up associations with the Z-stick, again with the mini mote and a third time with the veralite. I can’t get the linear dimmer to control the aeotec dimmer at all, even with double taps (group 2?)

Do I have the wrong hardware? I’m starting to think this Linear stuff is junk and I should just get a GE dimmer switch or something.

Contrary to the manual, the Linear dimmer no longer supports associations, which is why your setup doesn’t work.

GE switches don’t support associations either.

Your best bet is to use the Cooper Wiring Devices RF9540-NAW Aspire Single-Pole Multi-Location Master Dimmer Light Switch instead. You could use one of the RF9540-NAW on each circuit and sync them via association or you could have one RF9540-NAW control an in-wall micro dimmer like the Aeon Labs Aeotec Z-Wave Micro Smart Energy Dimmer, 2nd Edition (DSC19103-ZWUS) that you already have.

Thank you, ordered. It even comes in an off-white.