Please help: How to stop recurring notification

am using Vera Edge and actual Firmware since a Year now without problems.

But now accured one:

SInce a day I get a notification repeating every 10 minutes from one device.
It is exactly the same text, every 10 minutes.

I did a reboot, no sucess.
I did restore an older backup. no sucess.
I deleted the notifications i the settings of the device, no sucess.

The come every 10 minutes aganin.

How to stop it?


I suffered from this also just recently having initially setup notification on some key switches. The only way I could make it stop was to re-create the notification (even though there appeared to be none in play) and then delete it again, that seemed to work eventually for me.

Its not a new notification coming every 10 minutes, its the old one again and again.


Could you please enable Verbose Logging and Lock Log Levels from Settings → Logs and send us an email to specifying the name of the device sending those notifications as well as the time and date ?

Also please enable tech support on your unit and copy-paste the generated access code to that email.

Thank You.


did it!