Please help debug

Please help me understand why cOpenDoorAfterWork did not fire:

cOpenDoorAfterWork =
(cWasAway And sAfterWork) and (tMastercodeentered; dooropened < 2:00)

cWasAway goes true as expected
sAfterWork goes true as expected
tMasterCodeEntered stays true, but the timestamp is updated as expected
DoorOpened triggers as expected

Everything goes true, so it is my sequence statement that is failing. A quick look at the time stamps shows the sequence should be true when I run status with the Door Open

Does Caps matter?

I think your biggest issue is that you are exceeding the limits of the evaluation licence. This allows five Inputs (Triggers, Schedules & Device Properties) and five Conditions. You have eight Inputs and ten Conditions.

I suppose that is possible. I will buy the license and try again.

I have my doubts because it did fire previously, and other actions do fire.

Thanks for the suggestion!

I stripped it down, and found the Kwikset Lock was not reliably reporting the pin code entry.

Removed device, readded - added back the trigger/conditions, working as programmed.

Odd - because I did look at the time stamps to see if it was firing, and sometimes it did.

Word to the wise - make sure the devices are talking to Vera first. This seems to be a potential weak link.

Need a license anyway. Prob grab a few more if I can get some basic scenes working. Thanks all - Nice Job RTS