Please add Aeotec Multisensor 7 ZWA024

After purchasing several of these sensors, I discovered that they are not compatible with MIOS/VERA .
Really, they have sat in boxes for at least three months, how could this be?

I sent in a request and was told to come to the COMMUNITY to request addition.
I have no idea where to actually post this within the community.

When should I expect to see this added to MIOS/VERA ?

Hi @dsmithlib ,

You can use the “Community Feature and Bug Tracker” from here for any request.

We will check the status of integration with this device and get back to you asap.

I’ve already created a device integration request:

Last status is:

Hi @Odysee , @dsmithlib

We have the device and run through a first pass, it seems to work ok. I will get the full testing report in few days.
Have you ever tried pairing it through Generic wizard ? Did you encounter specific issues ?

I don’t have this device yet. But I can remember that a few adjustments had to be made for the predecessor (Multisensor 6) so that it works properly. I could imagine that the 7er will also be the case. It doesn’t seem to have changed all that much.

Ok I will let you know after I get the full report about integration