Play to WHS2011 box with eg SERVIIO to BT speaker.

I’ve been searching the threads and must be missing something.

Here’s my problem. I found an approximately 1 year old German Shepherd female puppy and she ended up being part of my pack. (I know, softie where this breed is concerned) Unfortunately she’s in the chewing stage and I’m looking for a way to scold her when I am at work and see her chew something other than her toys on my camera’s. (Big daddy is watching you lil girl!) So far I’m out a leash, a Wii controller, USB charging cables and a QI charger.

I have a WHS2011 box that has SERVIIO installed and intend to hook a Bluetooth dongle to it to output to a BT speaker.
The DLNA plugin finds the SERVIIO server so that is a first step. As TTS is still broken I am good with playing prerecorded MP3’s such as ‘NO! Bad Dog!’. Now how the heck do I create a scene using the DLNA plugin to tell SERVIIO to play a certain MP3 file residing on the WHS server to the BT speaker. Or worst case another renderer as I can install Bullbleupnp on one of my Android wall controllers.

Any help is greatly appreciated before she chews me out of house and home. :wink: My alternatives are crate or muzzle but I’d prefer to see if this way will work.