Platform upgrade for Vera users!

Could someone at home base please explain this email that landed in one of my Spam boxes…, it’s a bit late for April’s Fool Day.
Can’t help but doubt the sincerity of this?
If it’s true, then why no detail on how to upgrade to an existing Vera?

Dear Vera user, this is the first in a new series of educational content we’ll be providing to the Vera community on…

Empower your property with the control of EZLogic

The Vera community has spoken, and we’ve listened, developing a powerful, programmable logic interface for the MiOS platform that we are excited to share with you. The best part is that there is no need to get rid of your Vera hub. EZLogic enhances and extends your current smart home by managing both Vera and the new Ezlo Plus hubs.

EZLogic, the web dashboard control of your home

Meet EZLogic, the most comprehensive smart home interface, designed to automate, integrate and visualize anything connected to your MiOS-powered property—It provides you a heads-up display of all your connected devices and integrations, quick access to your most frequently used settings, as well as critical device status information.

Control, automate, and visualize any device, including Z-Wave, Zigbee, and IP devices as well as unifying cloud services [i.e. like IFTTT] to create powerful controls and automation

EZLogic allows you to mix & match Z-Wave or Zigbee devices with cloud services like Ecobee, LIFX, Nest, and even Google Sheets through sophisticated automations in an intuitive and easy to use way with the help of just a few clicks.

View All MiOS Cloud Integrations
EZLogic meets state of the art hardware

MiOS, the operating system for property, and EZLogic work with the Ezlo Plus Hub, the foundation of your smart home system that grows with you and delivers home control you never dreamt possible.

Our Ezlo Plus smart home hubs high speed CPU and increased:

  •    ● CPU: 1Ghz Quad-Core Cortex-A7 ARM*

● Memory: 4GB Flash, 512MB RAM

Get Started Today With An Ezlo Plus

Hello @zedrally

Thank you for contacting eZLO Smarter Home Control’s support.

Is not a joke this new feature is coming soon, keep an eye on our community forum for more details soon


Jonathan Botero.
Customer Care Tier 1 Support.

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I also received this email. I’m using Vera controllers for almost 10 years. I received a test Ezlo Plus (EU version) I think 1,5-2 years ago. But it did not work at that time so I stopped testing.
I see there are quite some developments (e.g. EzloLogic and first plugins available).
I’m interested in testing again and for sure combining my Vera controllers (that mostly run rocksolid) with this EzloPlus I still have (but not used a long time).
But I have no clue where to start and where to find manuals or tutorials

I also got this email and came on hen forums to find out about it.
I’ve had a Vera plus for years and it works perfectly.
Just wanted to know what the difference would be?

Hi @MPDomotica to get started you can walk through this guide: Basics -

You can find several articles that explain the sections of the EZLogic interface, you can also find more information about new features added with each update on the official announcements on this forum.

Hi @Gaztommo the difference with the Vera and Ezlo web interfaces is mainly the way they show information, with Vera you have to access a controller in order to access most of the options the web UI provides you, however EZLogic is more like a global dashboard that allows you to create scenes(called Meshbots) and other features for your account itself, making them available for all you controllers at once. Since we’re still working on making Vera accessible from EZLogic I don’t know exactly how the features with Vera will be or look like, at the moment you can take a look at the EZLogic guide and some of the important features like Meshbots (advanced scenes) NuCAL and IP Devices, Plugins, the ability to create variables, and more!

MeshBots are way more than just scenes btw…
They are worker buddies…
They can run in your Hub or in the Cloud…
They can do Automation…
They can do Notification…
They can do UI interaction sequencing… (you can pretty much determine what to show on the dashboard based on triggers by using an Interaction MeshBot…

I’m pretty late to the party by the sound of it. Ha ha. This sounds pretty epic.
So this will make connection of different devices (lifix,Tuya smart etc) easier to link together and control?
I’m guessing it’ll be a lot easier for novices like me who can’t script etc?
Certain things like my bathroom lights being on when the pir sensor detects motion and shower is on,will stay on, rather than switching off after a set period can be done easily?

Thats the idea…
If you go to

You will see the brand promise of
Integration Anything
Automating Anyting
Visualizing Everything

That is exactly what we are aiming to do for our users.

And all of this will load onto our existing Vera(s) as an upgrade to existing FW?

it needs a new hub or you can have these free softhubs

Sound promising.

But, if i want upgrades my hardware to a new hub EU frequency for years to go.

Any updates on this?

Hello @rotbard

Thank you for your interest in the hubs. Our latest update is that they are in factory production. We are hoping to provide the product for Europe next year.

Just followed the softhub link and noticed Pi 3B is not mentioned as supported ? Can i ask why ?

its simply not tested yet…
we are only putting stuff that we have possession of and the ones we have tested…

We’re targeting March/April for shipping the new EzloPlus-EU! We’ve been through Certification for the EU and once Chinese New Year is over, we’ll be in full production and get the product shipped to our warehouse in Holland!

This thread is confusing.

Are you saying Vera firmware hubs and devices paired to those Vera hubs will be able to also use the new Ezlogic web UI ?

Then @Melih says no you nee a new hub.