planning on buying sq blaster need some initial help.

hello I am planning on buying a SQ blaster within the next couple of weeks.
So I was trying to make all my product infrared compatible and test before I bought it .
I currently own only 2 products that are not infrared a Boxee Box and a media player computer htcp. I bought an infrared receiver for my Boxee Box, and I was able to control it via my Harmony One after a couple of hours of setup, the only problem I have is that when I turn off the Boxee Box I am NOT able to turn it on again via my infrared controller. has anybody any experience with sq blaster and Boxee Box. because it seems quite stupid to buy a sq blaster if I have to use
my original remote to turn on Boxee Box.

Does the Boxee IR support an “On” command? Is the Boxee box really off? It might power down the IR receiver with it is “off.”

Can you send it a wake-up command via a network call (either Wake-On-LAN or something else?)