PIR Motion sensors take forever to reset from 'tripped' condition

I have 4 Ecolink (2.5) PIR motion sensors. They are used to trigger lights. Some of these lights are only on for a very short duration, as they are set up to blink on and off( 1- 4 second delays).
These sensors, after they are tripped are not ready to sense again until about 8 minutes later. :frowning:
I have researched the subject and found PIR sensors need a defined recovery time claimed to be about 4 minutes but that is a blatant lie. ::slight_smile:

Does anyone know of a Z wave PIR sensor that has super fast recovery time? :slight_smile:

I have an extremely fast computer with 16 G of 64 bit memory. I am using Vera-Lite with UI7 and use only 14 zwave devices. I don’t know if the recovery delays are due to my under powered Vera-lite, the intrinsic nature of PIR technology or to my buying the wrong brand of PIR detectors.

Is it possible to overcome these delays by upgrading to the new very expensive VeraSecure? ::slight_smile:

I understand it can
also use Zigbee devices but don’t know if Zigbee PIR sensors can recover faster.

Are there any fast recovery motion sensor alternatives?

I don’t have any experience with that exact unit but you’re going to need to go into the advanced settings tab in Vera and adjust the recovery timer to be low enough to get you the response time you need. I have done this with all of my PIR’s because they came with a very long (6 or 8 minutes) recovery time which did not work for me.

The Ecolink sensors have header pins that can be used to set the sensor to “Test” mode. In test mode the sensor will wait only 5 seconds before rearming. From the manual -

“Test jumper installed: Will wait only 5 seconds after motion detected to check occupancy and communicate status.”

I have many Ecolink sensors and have test mode set on all of them.


Monoprice PIR sensors have the ability to set what ever time you would like to reset. 1 to x minutes.

MonoPrice Motion improve reaction time.
To set the variable in UI7

  1. Go to Device Options for the sensor
  2. Select ‘Add Configuration Setting’
  3. For the ‘Variable’ field enter the number 1
  4. For the ‘Data Size’ field select ‘1 byte hex’
  5. For the ‘Desired value’ field enter the number of minutes you want for the time out. I entered the number 1