PIR for Arduino

Curious if anyone knows of a PIR that will work with arduino that has a little more range than the one in the how to. It’s range is 7 meters, but looking for something with more for my garage. Or would it not be a bad idea to just add 2 on each side of the garage? Also are there any PIR that are pet friendly? Wanting to build some for inside the house, but my testing right now, the dog sets it off, and if I turn it down, i start to lose range.

There are lots of dual technology PIR and Microwave that are designed to work with pets …
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I was never happy with just PIR - too many false alarms. Now use PIR and microwave combined in all (security) cases. Absolutely reliable but a little slow.

So I have taken a look at the site suggested and this gave me lots of ideas, just not sure if they are doable. Currently I do have one of these on my alarm system:

I have tied it into an arduino and it works very well (but this was split from the alarm, so power is already supplied). My question would be what would be needed for battery operation (if at all possible, as well as realistic duration of battery life)… they show that the could operate at 9 volts and if I could supply 6 volts with batteries and step up the voltage, would this work, or am I just dreaming?

My idea is that this takes care of the looks of the sensor if I can find one that is decently priced and just cram the electronics in the back.