Piper multisensor camera - crowdfunding project

This startup project looks promising, considering this zwave camera has built in humidity, temperature, motion sensors. They don’t really elaborate on the “cloud infrastructure” part, which I’m assuming has to do with video storage.

IMO, only if we can leverage the sensors and camera inside of Vera and other security camera apps/systems (like Synology)… otherwise it is pretty expensive and have some serious limitations for serious HA DIYers.

Piper web site states, limit of 5 cameras per system (in the future, currently only 1)
they don’t state camera resolution, other than “HD”

This looks somewhat similar to the Canary security thingy. The difference is that the Piper is Z-Wave capable.

For the price, there’s not much point for us home automation enthusiasts to buy either; we’d be better off hooking an inexpensive generic camera + some sensors into our Z-Wave network. But I certainly see the attraction for people who currently have no home security. Either device would be great for a rental flat, and the Piper might be a good option to get started with some basic Z-Wave stuff (controlling lights)