Pioneer Plugin for UI7

I’ve made some small adjustments to shward1 his original plugin from this thread

The adjustments I made are:

  • There is a volume slider that’s also controllable in the ios Homewave App
  • The On and Off is now controlled with the S_SwitchPower1 this also has the benefit that you can control it with he HW app
  • The device control page looks a little bit cleaner in UI7

This has been tested on a Vera Edge UI7 1.7.1707 with a Pioneer VSX-921

Just installed it and works great. I tested an alpha from sle118 which is not working on the vera.
I did one further mod to the json so the icon shows as a receiver and not as a light bulb. See attached.

I’ll give it a try… thanks guys!

Can you please help me, I can’t get this pioneer plugin to work with my pioneer receiver, I created the device but it still won’t work work for me. My receiver is on my network and I can control it with the pioneer app on my phone. Please any input you can give me would be greatly appreciated.