Ping Z-Wave Device

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i want to be sure that a specific devices is reachable. Therefore i tested the poll action. But this action not always returns that the device is reachable, although it is connected. is there another way to check by code if a device is reachable?

The devices provide an action StressTest. If i call this action comments are shown like “Sent 10 direct pings…”. Is there a way to ping devices on my own?


Hello Christian,

Polling is the process where Vera requests information from a Z-Wave device about its current status, such as on/off, dim level, temperature, and so on.
Some devices, such as many battery operated sensors for example, will be in a low-power state most of the time and therefore are not listening to the network and cannot be polled at all.
However, you should receive a poll answer from a battery operated device if you wake it up manually by pressing the button on it just before polling it.

You can find here more info about polling a device and stress testing z-wave devices: