Ping Sensor

Found some inconsistency in I_AwarenessSensor.xml which has been removed.

I created a scene which has an event that fires on the armed ping sensor, when it does NOT trip (invert = 1).
It works, I put in a bogus address in the device and so it fails to ping it. I set a command to shut off a lamp for testing purposes and off goes the lamp.
But I also put in a command to set the Ping Sensor device to BYPASS for 5 minutes to allow for the modem to reboot and the connection to re-establish before I start to check for a connection again.

The command to set it to BYPASS mode doesn’t work. Any ideas?

I’ll have a look on it. Have you loaded the D_PingSensor.xml or the D_PingSensor_Invert.xml?

I loaded D_PingSensor_Invert.xml as I like the inverted mode.

By the way, the buttons in Dashboard to arm and bypass work just fine…its just from the command section that it does not change.

Thank you for that hint.
What do you mean by “the command section”?

When I create a scene, I put an event in to fire on the lack of a ping.
Then under the event I add the commands. There’s pull downs for each of the devices. So one device is the appliance module on the modem which I turn off for 30 seconds and then back on. There’s also the Ping Sensor which has options to ARM and BYPASS.

Which version of the sensor do you use?

I’m running the latest, 1.4

I was able to get it to work using a luup event, rather then trying to do it with the gui command portion of the scene. Since I got a tip on the timer function on another thread, I was able to do what I wanted to do (bypass, wait 5 minutes, arm).

Thanks for all your help.

I like the idea of the awareness sensor, I can use something like this to ping my Laptop on the LAN while I’m home. When I pack up and leave my home (usually with the laptop when it’s an extended period) it will arm sensors, turn off the lights, turn down the heat, etc. Very cool. You can use a Static DHCP or MAC reservation for DHCP to make sure the laptop (or Iphone, etc)

I’ll have to try this…

I guess I missed somethign…
I installed as indicated by your Wiki, but the device has no options, and looks nothing like you picture…
Any ideas?

Not even sure how to remove the files, the files have the absolute path listed in the Vera GUI after I uploaded them…

Would like to remove them and readd them…

I started to write a perl module on my Linux Server and have it do teh pinging and then issue web commands to cycle the device… Your approach is much more asthetically pleasing…

Ok, I SSH’ed into Vera, removed the C:\xxxxx verisions of the file, and then transferred them over via the shell, and all works…

might this be a bug? When uploading that it uses the FULL LOCAL ADDRESS instead of just the file name???


If you upload a new version of the file, it will overwrite the older one. This is maybe why you get the full address instead of just the file name.

Thanks for the support, mcvovidiu.

Just want you guys to know that a new version of the sensor will be delayed some further.
I’m trying to add ZigBee capabilities to Vera by using a XBee device at the moment and I guess all of you know how time consuming those projects can be :wink:

Does this sensor work with UI14? I tried but the device configuration panel is blank.

Need a little help.

I’ve installed the plugin and used D_PingSensor.xml

The sensor appears to be working great with my iPhone, wifi on sensor tripped, wifi off sensor armed and waiting.

The problem is i can’t get the sensor to trigger a scene. Either a scene turning on a light or running some Lua code. Any ideas where i’m going wrong?

Do i need to add anything in impl_file section under Advanced within the virtual sensor?

Any help greatly received



Are you on UI4? If so, did you use a different installation procedure than uploading via the web UI? I uploaded through the LUUP files vera Web UI but the Device Panel is blank. Logging in and searching for the Ping plugin files shows they are all there - confirmed through the web ui too.

root@MiOS_13202:~# find / -name '*Ping*'


Hi blacey,

I’m using Vera 2 and UI4. I used the web interface to upload all the files and then created a device in the usual way.

The sensor appeared in my main dashboard and has all the options/variables available. Just can’t get it to trigger a scene, YET!!!

Could you tell me how to create a device ‘the normal way’?
I selected Developers --> Create Device and entered D_PingSensor.xml into the column
UpnpDevFilename. But that creates a new device without any real options. So I guess I must be doing something wrong :frowning: