Ping Sensor / TV on / Trigger

Hi everyone, :slight_smile:

I’m requesting your help to make this work… 8)
I’m on Vera2 UI5. I’ve installed the Ping Sensor plugin and I would like to make it work with my TV’s and lights (and probably also with the roller blinds).
What I would like to happen is when the ping sensor detects the TV on the lights on that room would turn on at 20%, only if the roller blinds are closed. If they are open I would like not to turn the lights on but drop the roller blinds to 50%.

That’s probably to much so If I could just turn on the lights I would be happy. :wink:

Thank you!

That’s easily done with a standard scene trigger, however if your TV is still able to be pinged while in standby then it wont work.

My tv’s are Sony Bravia and they don’t ping reply when on standby. :slight_smile:

Can you please explain me how to make this with UI5? :slight_smile:

On the Automation tab click on “new scene”
On the window that opens up select the lamp/dimmer that you would like to set to 20% and slide the bar to represent 20%.
Go to the trigger tab and click on “Add trigger”
Select the from the dropdown the ping device, then select either an armed sensor is tripped, or a sensor is tripped, type a name for this trigger (something like TV on) then from the second dropdown, select “device is tripped”
Click on confirm changes and then the red save button.

Its just a matter of trying it then, and enjoying your work :slight_smile:

Thank you Strangely! :slight_smile:
It worked! But… with a long delay. The ping time is set to 15. I suppose it’s 15 seconds… Because I can turn on the tv, wait and wait and turn off the tv. And only then the lights come on. ::slight_smile: