Ping Sensor Behavior UI7 1.7.2044 and 1.7.2138

i’ve used Ping Sensor successfully under UI 5 with no problems. Now under UI 7 it seems to exhibit some odd behavior

  1. I’ve found that other than setting the target IP, the parameter settings in “Setting” no long function and its now necessary to manually edit the Advanced/Variables to get it to work

  2. As I recall in the UI5 version when a device did not respond to the ping “N” number of times it was marked down but it was marked up immediately if it responded on the next ping. Now however it appears it is marked down as before it it misses “N” pings but it is not marked up until it has responded to “N” pings.

Odd and not very useful behavior.

Anyone else seen this and does anyone know if this is still in maintenance? Does the WOL/Ping work any better?