Ping Sensor App


First off let me start by telling you my setup, I have a Vera Lite (UI5) with several GE z-wave switches/Dimmers and the Ademco Vista Alarm Panel App and I consider myself a noobie. My question involves the Ping Sensor App. I was able to build a scene which turns on a light when the Ping Sensor App detects my iPhone however is it possible to stop the scene once the ping sensor trips and turns on the light? What happens is while I am home the ping sensor app is constantly pinging my phone and turning the light on. I only want the light to come on once when I come home. Any help/advice would be great.


First of all don’t think of scenes as active or innactive. Basically you just “run” scenes. If you for example would like the light to turn off when you leave the house again, you would create a second scene which “turns off the lights if the pingsensor does not detect your phone anymore”.

As far as I know the Ping Sensor triggers you scene only if the state changes. So for example if you are at home and turn the wifi off and back on it would trigger the scene.

Now I would start to think about a way to tell your vera the difference between “I am home” and “I am coming home”.

For example this could be achieved with a virtual switch which you call “I am Home”. You could for example make the scene dependant from the virtual switch “only run if swich is turned off”. So when you come home the scene would turn on the light and set the virtual switch to “on” (meaning: I am home). When the scene then gets triggered the switch is already set to “on” and it will not turn on the light again. However, you would then need to manually reset this virtual switch everytime you leave the house or find a way to automate this.

I am sure there are other aproaches, but at least that is one 8)

Ok I think I understand your suggestion. I was wondering could I then use the countdown timer plugin to reset the virtual switch say after 12 hrs (my scene will only run after sunset and until sunrise)? The only negative is the scene will not work until the next day but its better than the light going on all night.