Pinch to zoom suport for cameras?

I have been using Homewave for a few months now and love it. I was wondering if it is possible to add pinch to zoom feature for cameras. I have Blue Iris integrated to my Vera and have 5 HD cams connected. The cams do not have native PTZ feature. Would love to be able to zoom into a specific area to check out.

Thanks for a great app!

Bumping this…Am I the only one that wants this? I use Blue Iris for my cams and have the plugin to integrate to Vera. The BI app lets you do pinch to zoom but I would rather just use Homewave to do this. Any insight into this?


It’s not requested before, but I can see how it’s useful (I use cameras myself). I’ll see how hard it is to add

Thanks intveltr,

Homewave is an awesome app and is my goto app for viewing all my devices in Vera. Since my cams don’t have native PTZ I like to zoom in on an area when viewing.


If you’re tinkering with the camera, is it possible to make the ‘Close’ link larger (or better yet just tap the screen)? I have big fingers and I never can seem to close on my first try. great app!