Picture when door is unlocked?

How can i set my Vera to email/mms me a picture when the door is open? I couldn’t find the option aside from “archive picture when door is …”


Also interested ti this topic.

With the standard notification for Vera this is not possible.
Vera only sends text or email notifications on events.

For more info see:

The only solution (if at all) would be to write LUA code that would take a snapshot of the camera, attach it to a mail and then use something like this:

local SMTP_SERVER = "your.smtp.server" local SMTP_AUTH_USER = "your auth user" local SMTP_AUTH_PW = "your passws" local SMTP_PORT = "25" local USER_SENDING = "sendingmailaddress@wherever.youare" local USER_RECEIVING = "yourreceiving@email.account"

To send the mail to your email account
Maybe someone like Ap15e could help out with the coding part (if, like i said, its possible at all)

Is this possible by Lua?

Catch the door event with luup.variable_watch.
Install my plugin SND to send emails.
I have no idea how to get a picture from the camera via Luup. You could check whether pictures are available from MCV’s Camera Management Server.

Use luup.inet.wget to get a picture from the camera.

I went a low tech way, and for me it is working pretty well. YMMV

At this site the front door is down a narrow hallway, with little natural light nearby. The camera (linksys WVC80N) that monitors the front door has a “motion detection” mode that will send an email when the light level changes dramatically. When someone unlocks the front door, the z-wave Kwikset deadbolt sends a message to Vera2, which then turns on the overhead lights near the door. The change in light level in the hallway causes the camera to send an email with a sequence of pictures over several seconds, completely independent of Vera2 and mios servers. (The camera just knows the light level changed, it doesn’t know why).

Additionally, I have Vera2 send a text message to my cellphone (directly through my ISP) when the deadbolt is unlocked, so I get notification of entry within a few seconds. I can then look at a real-time view from cameras at this site on my iPhone using an app called Total Control. The pictures in the email become “backup” documentation of who entered the site, not my primary window into who entered the site a few moments ago.

Hope this helps.