Philips Motion Sensors incorrect battery Level?

I have three Philips Motion sensors, one external and two internal, they are all reporting 100% battery level and the external is showing unreachable in the Hue bridge nothing weird shows in Vera, does the battery level report correctly via AltHue and Vera plus, anyone else got this problem? thanks

Hi, We can not find this device listed for sale either on amazon.

Can you please provide a link where we can buy it?

(Any device requested for integration should be commercially accessible).

Thank you,
Ezlo Integration Team.

Search better:

Indoor ones:

Outdoor ones:

They are Zigbee devices not Z-Wave.

Thank you very much for trying to help us, but we are not able to order devices from amazon.UK

Says who ?

I am sure they will be listed on Amazon dot com as well.

Sorry for disinformation, we rechecked and found it in our stock.

We made a re-test and mentioned that device fully works on the current firmware version and we couldn’t not reproduce any bug with this device on Ezlo FW.

Make sure you are on the latest firmware and test the device again.
Also you should restart your system before this and tell us which hub and firmware are you using, please.

Also thank you @cw-kid for entering the conversation and doing your best.

Thank you,
Ezlo Integration Team.

The OP was talking about using the Philips Hue motion sensors with a Vera Plus hub and the AltHue plugin.

So nothing to do with Ezlo hubs.

However are you stating that these Philips Hue indoor / outdoor motion sensors that are Zigbee, are tested and fully working with an Ezlo firmware hub ?