Philips Hue Plugin child board

Given the popularity and questions about this plugin, doesn’t it deserve it’s own child board? Moderator?

I strongly agree. I am trying to get my new VeraEdge to connect to my Hue Hub via UI7 to NO AVAIL. Trying to find support from the forum is needle in a haystack. Could the Developer of the Hue Plugin at least create a Setup/Install FAQ an include VeraEdge/UI7??? Help!

I’ll update the documentation in the next few days at least. No idea why it wouldn’t work on a Vera Edge or UI7 if you just install from the app store. Sometimes you do have to manually specify the Hue hub IP address.

I’m running a Vera 3 with the Hue plugin. I encourage you to investigate the iConnectHue HD iOS app (hoping you have an iPhone or iPad). The Vera Hue App “sees” the bulbs and strips from the Hue controller, but if you have iConnectHue, the Vera app also sees the GROUPS you setup in iConnectHue (I discovered this quite by accident)! It does not sense the presets unfortunately, but grouping my bulbs and strips so I can control them with a single command is awesome.