philio tech and fibaro 2x1.5kw extra devices on UI7

I installed a vera 3 with fibaro double relays a year ago to my client and recently he wanted to add more so i got him Philio tech Pan06 and the new Fibaro 2x1.5kw relays but i’ve noticed something

The PAN06 shows up as 4 devices where 2 devices control one relay and the other control the other relay. so now i have 2 duplicates that i dont need and the client is really pissed about it.

The fibaro 2x1.5KW shows up as three devices with 1 of them as a duplicate of one of the relays.

He’s using Vera 3 UI7 the latest firmware i think its 1.7.690
and i’ve already installed the mios update utility but it doesnt help

can anyone tell us how to delete this duplicate devices because we’ve tried the “delete device” option but it doesnt get deleted. the software just loads and the devices are still there.

Did you solve this issue?

I have the same problem. My Fibaro Dimmer 2 is shown as three devices: “_DimmableLight”, “_DimmableLight 1” and Spots (the name I gave while adding). Only “Spots” device is working.

I believe ALL my Fibaro devices give me this extra devices that I believe shouldnt be there. The way I’m handnling this is the following:

  • I name the correct device the name I want, for example, Kitchen Light. Then I name the extra devices something similar to this “_KitchenLight1” and “_KitchenLight2”
  • I change the configuration parameter so that child devices can be in a room different that its partner device room
  • I have a dummy room called “z_hidden” when I then move all these extra devices to.

This way all my “room screens” look nice and tidy, and I have this one “z_hidden room” that is a mess with all the extra/phantom devices. I never go there :slight_smile:

Still, I believe you can issue an “hide device” luup command but I’ve not used it so far (maybe I will do it sometime later).

Even though not being a cure for your problem, at least, it maybe a workaround :slight_smile: