Philio Smart Color Button PSR04


I have a Philio Smart Color Button PSR04 and I’m trying to assiocate it with a Fibaro dimmer 2. I’m however not succesful. I also a have several Fibaro dimmer 1 devices and assiocating these works fine. As these devices do not support secure communication I assume that this has something to do with it. Does someone have any idea how I can this to work. Is the problem that de color button is actually included insecure?

I hope that someone can help me with this.


I have the exact same problem with using both devices in combination. Again it worked with a Dimmer version 1. . I also just bought a Aotech 4 button wallmote and had the exact same problem again. It will work with version 1 of the module, but not version 2.

Anyone any idea why?

Any progress on this issue here yet. I cannot find any help or solutions on this matter.

Did you try Vera support??