Philio PST02-1A (might be PSP01 or PSM02) 4 in 1 sensor

I’ve been trying to figure this out for ages, but I’m almost certain I have a malfunctioning device.

I add it using the “Add Device” procedure. My retailer say they sold me a PST02-1A, but Vera says it’s a PSP01/PSM02. I’m assuming Vera is correct. I’ve tried adding the both of them, and even “Generic Z-wave device”. Same result for it all.

When I add the device to my Vera Plus, the pairing goes through, but no values are sent to the Vera. Meaning I do not get motion, door/window and other reading off of it.

Has anybody else successfully paired either the PST02-1A or the PST01/PSM02 with their Vera?

Vera Plus running firmware 1.7.1786