Philio PSP05 Gen 5 and Vera Plus

I cannot pair my new Philio PSP05 motion sensor with my (again new) Vera Plus, running UI7.
I select “add a device” from the UI7 devices section, and select Philio PSP05 from the menu. Following the instructions, the red led blinks correctly (every 2 secs), then after a while, goes out - which seems correct. But the device never appears.

Has anyone set one of these up successfully?

Try adding it as a Generic device. works sometimes.

That worked. Thanks.
The PSP05 is now included on my Vera Plus / UI7 setup.
BTW, the user manual on the Vesternet site is the wrong one. The inclusion/exclusion/reset instructions are wrong. The correct manual for the sensor that they’re selling at the moment can be found on the Philio-Tech website, here