Philio 4-1 sensor

Hello all,
i have a philio sensor 4-1 and i have disabled by parameters the PIr sensor( just now to use as a door open/close trigger)

What i use now is when door opens it turn on the light and then when the door closed it will wait 30/40 sec before turn the light off, using PLEG.

The light turn on when door opens,but if hold in this status after some time the light turn off although the door is still in open status. (cause i can see the red man changin to green man).
What i want to do is… to keep the light when the door is open and then when closed wait some time before turn off the light.
But i’m wonder if is possibile to use and see the status i mean open or closed and then using the PLEG making the condictions.

Right now when i open the door the sensor is trigged and the light turn on. and when i close the door the sensor go in idle position and after some time the light turn off (and this way is ok!!) but is just when i hold the door in open status that the sensor goes in idle status too and i dont want that.

Hope to have explained that clear, and sorry for my english.


maybe to just make things easy my question is: ther’s a sensor that could send the open status or closed status of a door or window?

or can i use mine to act like that? like an allarm sensor… status open (and i make a scene to turn on the light) or status closed…(turn off the light)

Thank you