PGM in Vera Plugin

Hi All

I am a rookie and just started with Vera and this plugin. I am trying to understand if it is possible to “see” when a PGM has been pressed on my keypad. In the release notes of the plugin it says PGM’s are hidden in the plugin UI (for some reason). Is there a way to detect via a scene if I have pushed the PGM on my physical keypad?

I have a couple spare PGMs so it would be good to be able to use them as the driver to make stuff happen in my home. One of the PGM’s is already in use to open/close my garage door

FYI I have created a scene where I can detect that I have pushed Arm Away on my keypad and the exit delay has started however I want to apply that same idea to the pushing of a PGM from my physical keypad

Thanks in advance

PGM’s are one thing I haven’t figured out either. I have been trying for a while to figure out how to toggle a PGM from the Vera.

I don’t have an PGM’s set up, but have you checked the Vera logs to see what is reported when a PGM runs ?

can you tell me how i can see the vera logs? Also i am using an external usb key to store logs so as to maximise memory on the vera itself