personalyse xml for door with http board


I would like to communicate my ip relay card (relayboard ipx800) with vera
I order my gate with this card and my garage doors
I also have a sensor to tell if my gate is open, which just plug into an input interface ip and gives mle 1 or 0 for whether open or closed (it was the status.xml indormations for active entries )

I would like to make an xml for my garage and my gate that can open the garage directly by pressing a button type fugitive (push button not found in the vera just find ON.OFF)

the url control is the type http://192.168.xx/preset.htm?RLY4=1 so you can order with a luup.inet.wget ("= http://192.168.XX/preset.htm?lRLY4 1 ")
the status of entries is on lisile http://192.168.XX/status.xml

if someone can help me do this xml icon with a garage and another with just a portal and a pulse button and the state of the door thanks to the open or closed status.xml

thank you to all specialist in the forum vera

davidd1205 -

It sounds like you need a plugin for your device. I just looked in apps.mios and there doesn’t seem to be one. However, if you can get and set information to the device over http, then you just need to learn a little bit about writing plug-ins to get it done.

Check out the somfy walkthrough to get started :

You should be able to get a good start on the XML components by finding a device that is close to what you want to do, and modifying it to meet your needs. For a momentary or single button plugin, you can start with D_BinarySwitch1.xml and D_BinarySwitch1.json. Rename them to something else such as D_Relayboard_ipx800.json and D_Relayboard_ipx800.xml, then edit the .json file to remove one of the buttons and rename the other.

By reading the Somfy walkthrough, and experimenting a little you should be able to get basic functionality. But, if you hit any snags you can hop over to the developers section and ask in the plugins area. The people there have been really helpful for my own plugin project.

He posted in another thread asking if someone would help him create the plugin for him. Unless someone has the same board as him and is willing to create the plugin, he may have to get his feet wet and start development of a new plugin.

  • Garrett

i have see the post about somfy but i o’t understand

my interface is ip and not rs232

if a person is intrerrested for a plugin for a interface ip (ipx800 or another ip interface ) is very cool

thanks a lot

I will release a plugin to control the Popcorn Hour PopBox v8 Mediabox sometime this week.

This does exactly what you need, sending and getting information’s from a network device, based on xml files. So as soon as I release it you can work yourself into that and use the same approaches…

Super plus I also have a popcorn A100 and A300 so this plugin really interrested me and plus I think I can talk to him thanks to the map where my card ipx800 wizz200web component to interface with Somfy RTS
purra against it by having a back input status of the card ipx800
it stores all the states in an accessible form xml http: \ \ 192.168.1.X \ status.xml

In the file status.xml of IPX, the status of the relays are supervised by tags

example here [url=][/url]

I thank you looking forward to your plugin

You should have a look at the SQ Blaster Plugin. It also gets all information out of a status.xml:
Files: MiOS Apps

As for your Popcorn hour’s, as for the moment I can only test the PopBox v8, I only own this one, but I might come back on you to ask you for some testing. But it will be versus the end of the week when I release a first version…

ok thank you :wink:

I’ll watch it all but PopBox v8 and A300 are simikaires I did not think there’s too much difference

thank you again I’ll try that I have time to look for status

I released the first version of the plugin:,9518.0.html