Performing a factory reset then restoring from backup

Hi everyone

Does anyone have any experience from performing a factory reset then restoring from a backup?
My vera is crashing/hanging/restarting now throughout the day.

What happens to all my apps? Pleg?

Any tips or suggestions on the process?


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I don’t remember if you have to download and install all the apps again after the factory reset and the restore. But it is possible to backup your PLEG and restore it afterwards.


I don’t know about PLEG but for the backup portion of your question you can look at this thread;,39102.0.html


I always reload them, obviously would need to change the ip to your vera ip, then wait a few min between each link so it has time to load






My VeraLite got bricked once after an update so I used the Firmware recovery procedure described on the wiki pages [url=][/url]. I did have to fire up an old XP machine as it indeed does not work on Windows 7.

After that the box worked again with (to my surprise) the new firmware and with all devices intact.

O, disclaimer: your experience may vary as this was a single experience.

Cheers Rene

Thanks everyone. I will report back later this weekend once I do the reset/restore. Thanks all

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Reset my edge yesterday. Full restore of my backup and device were back and apps like pleg and vera alerts started reporting in again. I have had 1 “start up” alert in vera alerts but that’s it.

Not sure if that’s good news or bad though…

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