Password Protect Request

It would be nice if there was a way to password protect functions. For example, unlocking the front door. Maybe this is something that could be added to the Pro version?

Or maybe someone knows how I can do this another way?

Or protect an entire page with a p/w

I also requested something like this.

Would prefer the option to be able to set a pincode as an option before executing a device (or scene etc).

If I then want to unarm for instance the alarm I have to enter the code.

In the current setup this is not possible and anyone entering your house can do what they want.

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Yeah pin code for alarm and scenes would be very handy.

One of my scenes starts projector room which obviously I don’t want triggered by randoms in house that get curious what the shiny button does.


That will be great!

+1, absolutely!

+1 I have requested this earlier

I am waiting for rhat function as well :relaxed:

+1, good implementation . waiting for this.

Yes, pin code for devices, because some device is i don’t like to turn anybody (etc. thermostat, alarm…)