Partly working

If feels like it party working now…
If I ask my Google Home: “Talk to Vera Concierge” RESPONSE: “It looks like you Vera Concierge account is not set up jet, you can link Vera Concierge from your Google Home app.”

However, the app is linked and I can Ask: “Turn off Kitchen” RESPONSE: All lights in kitchen is turned on.
I cannot ask “What is Kitchen temperature status”?

  • I have uninstalled the Home App (Android)
  • I have linked/unlinked Vera Concierge about 20 times now

What could I try next?

Actually, Google home support only a subset of devices that VC can control. For example, thermostats and locks are not supported in Google Home. In my case, I can control the same devices using HA_Bridge, and VC on GH becomes not so useful. Locks and Thermostats/Sensors are the reasons I purchased the app!

Please change VC to be able to support these 2 devices!

So, having some problems. Maybe this is the right place to ask. Got the service up and running. Payed for the license to support.
I get my Vera linked up to google home, but can only control plugged in devices as Fibaro dimmer switch and Aeonlabs plug-in-devices. Can not control/see my Danalock, sceenes, harmony or thermostats from Google home. Can see them in consierge customisation (not the scenes or harmony), but not in google home. I’m also not able to see/control any of the modes (night/home etc.) via Google home. Any suggestions?