Panic modes

I’ve finally got back to looking at alarms and have a question about what this plugin can do.

I’ve got some z-wave IR sensors (EZmotion 3-in-1) and want to know if there is a way of triggering the main alarm panel into Alarm mode via the Vera if these are armed and tripped. I know there are three ‘panic’ modes (Medical, Fire & Police) that I could invoke via the RequestPanicMode function but is there one that simply puts the panel into normal Alarm Mode as if one of its own sensors has tripped (RequestPanicMode (“Alarm”))?

A DetailedArmMode(“AlarmInstant”) would be another way of describing it.

I want to use an alarm for the main security function (specifically perimeter monitoring) but would like to use my internal motion sensors as well if possible.

If its not possible in software, has anyone tried using something like a GC100 Relay (or similar) to fake being a door/window sensor for one of these alarms? That would allow me to actually ‘Trip’ a sensor via the Vera.

Any thoughts appreciated.

Through the serial interface, no, I don’t think there is any way to trigger the siren except through the Panic modes, which as you’ve pointed out are not behaviourally identical to a mere zone being tripped.

Using a hardware relay as a proxy would totally work. From the point of view of the alarm panel, it’s just another motion/door sensor.