Panel function buttons to trigger scenes?

Can I use one of the programable function keys (A/B/C/D) on my panel to trigger a scene in Vera? I can easily see how to trigger an event based on Armed State, but not based on function key. I would love to be able to do a quick “lights out” from the alarm panel as I’m heading out the door. (Yes, I know that I can tie a “lights out” to arming the system but I don’t want to necessarily link the two.)

N.B.: I’ve seen the thread that discusses the opposite direction (, but no discussion of this that I could find on this.

The only way i can see doing this is to program one of the function buttons to activate the on board relay trigger 17 or 18 to close for 2 seconds then wire that into a unused zone, hopefully if you have one. Then add that new zone to the cheat sheet and create the scene using that as the trigger.

Just to confirm–you realize you can use a detailed alarm state as a trigger, right? I just did this. For example, I want all lights off when arming AWAY, but not when arming STAY.

You might already know this, I just want to make sure.

He was wanting to use one of the function buttons, the 4 buttons on the left of the keypad to turn of the lights without arming the system.

Oh yes–I get that. Based on his statement that he didn’t want to link the two, though, I’m suggesting that you can use detailed arm state to support the all-lights-off function.

I don’t use the four buttons for anything, so I can see how that would be useful… however, I just go off of alarm state. Alarm armed AWAY, all lights off. Alarm armed STAY, selected lights off. Alarm disarmed, select lights on.