Panasonic PTZ Cam BLC10 with Panasonic plugin

Hello, the camera is working with Veralite, but the PTZ functionnalities no. Need some extra setup to be able to PTZ? Thanks.


You have to install the Panasonic PTZ plugin and set the impl_file field in the Advanced tab of the camera device to I_PanasonicPTZ.xml.

Hello Florin,

The I_PanasonicPTZ.xml was already assigned by default in impl_file , image is ok but when I click on the PTZ buttons nothing’s moving.

Put one of the URLs below (replacing CAMERA_IP_ADDRESS with the camera IP address) in your browser and let me know if the camera moves. Your computer must be in the same network as the camera for this to work.


I know it has been a while since anyone posted in the thread, but I’m out of ideas on how to get my Panasonic BL-C10 cams to work with my new Vera Lite.

I installed the Panasonic IP Camera App V1.23 (no effect that I can see).

My camera (I started trying to get just one working) was reset to factory defaults (running the latest firmware) and dceadmin/dcepass. I set the I_PanasonicPTZ.xml in the impl_file field.

I can address the cam via a browser just fine. Full control etc.

I add the cam in manually using the IP address displayed by “G2_EasyConfig_V124R02” and confirmed by my browser to be correct.

It adds a generic type device but no pic, no controls, etc.