Pairing ADT Water Leak Detector (F-ADT-WTR-1) with Vera? (YES w/Zigbee)

I just got a hold of a “ADT Water Leak Detector” F-ADT-WTR-1 and thought I would try to pair with my Vera but have not had any success. The box states it is zwave but maybe it is not compatible with the Vera. Before I think about giving up I though I would see if anyone has had any luck with this sensor.

Well one doc said zwave but going to their website I see Zigbee HA 1.2

I will see if I can pair with Zigbee although I have not used that protocol for the Vera yet.

I tried pairing with zigbee and it went very smooth and looks just like my other zwave based sensors.

I would call this a success and suggest others to think about getting one of these. I got mine for less then $20US.

Cool. I just bought 6 at best buy for $10 each.

Any issues at all with them?

Did you add as a generic zigbee device?

Are you having it alert you only for water or turning off the valve?


I just got 2 from Bestbuy for $10 also.
Worked right out of the box with Veraplus using generic Zigbee device during pairing.
Also got temperature readings with iDoorContact plugin.

The battery levels dropped very quick though. 100% to 93% in about 10 hours.

I’m using the LevelPro leak detection sensor device for a long time without any trouble and also the support team is very helpful. So you can check this device from Icon Process Controls website.

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