Pairing a CA 9000 sensor with a CA600 Switch

I’m using a scene with a CA9000 to turn on a light controlled by a CA600. I’m having two problems

  1. It takes a few seconds to trigger which is more then enough time to cross the hall and flip the switch (defeating the purpose)
  2. It’s not reliable (triggering 80 odd percent of the time)

I read on here that you can slave a CA5100 (controller) to a CA600 (switch) using associations so that they directly call each other minimizing delays. I was wondering if that’s possible w/the CA9000 as well?

Sorry for the bump in an old post but I have finally figured out that this is possible and this may help future generations.
Associations largely eliminates any delay (my problem with the Vera is that the delays are unpredictable).
To associated the CA9000 (same intstructions work with the CA5100) to a CA600 or CA3500 (same intstructions work with the CA5100)
1)go to Device options and under Associations put a 1 in the group ID
2) then in “set to” pick the device you want associated/slaved
3) When you click save the vera needs to reconfig your CA9000- to make it wake up quickly press the front button twice (remember that the flashing red light means the CA9000 is off)
4) Now pick your delay on the CA9000 via the slide switch on the bottom- don’t use pulse

Also look here (p29 of the manual) for some other instructions for what I assume is setting up associations: