Override A Delayed Scene With Another Scene/Command

Hi all, maybe someone can help me with some scene scripting or an if/then solution for this one.

I am basically trying to emulate the way a security keypad would work using z-wave components and scenes. With a typical wired security system keypad, if you trip an armed sensor (by opening a door when the security keypad is armed) you would have x number of seconds to enter your password at the keypad which would then override the house alarm from going off. If the correct password was not entered in time, the alarm would then sound.

Using Aeon Labs door sensors and an Everspring Z-wave alarm, I am trying to replicate this. The issue is that I can’t find a way to have a scene override another. I currently have the components set up so that my Everspring alarm has about a dozen triggers; those triggers being that if an armed sensor is tripped, 1 minute later the Everspring alarm sounds. I was hoping that a key fob mounted by the door could then be pressed which would activate a scene turning the Everspring alarm off. However, obviously the issue is that if my armed z-wave sensor is tripped, it continues to follow the scene that a minute later the z-wave alarm sounds. Activating a scene turning the Everspring alarm “off” immediately after the armed sensor is tripped but before the z-wave siren is set to sound does not override the original scene that tells the alarm to activate after a minute. With this problem, I could never deactivate the z-wave siren until it is already active and alarming.

Is there a way I can send a command or set the scene up in such a way that if an off command is given, even in the middle of it’s delayed alarm scene, the alarm would not activate in the first place?

There is no way to stop a scene from running. Once it runs, it will run and complete. You can not intercept an already running scene.

  • Garrett

Thanks Garrettwp,

That’s what I was afraid of. Any work-arounds you can think of? My only options I could think of would be 1) set the disarm scene via a key fob as I’m walking in or use my iPhone to disarm or 2) leave the scene armed, open the door which would trigger the alarm and then have a key fob mounted just inside to disable the armed scene and disable the siren immediately upon being pressed.

The workaround, when you find that Vera’s built-in scene delays are inadequate, is to use one of the third-party plugins which provide (among other things) delay-cancelling functionality.

The lightweight solution is to use the Countdown Timer plugin (http://forum.micasaverde.com/index.php/topic,9425.msg62572.html#msg62572).

The heavyweight solution is to use the Program Logic plugins (http://forum.micasaverde.com/index.php/board,48.0.html).