Overnight scheduling

I’d like to have something happen during overnight hours (say, 10PM until 6AM).

I think there are at least 2 ways to do this, and am wondering if one is any better (if the unit resets overnight or whatever).

  1. Example from the PLEG tutorial:
    OverNightAlarm AlarmTripped and Not (06:00:00; AlarmTripped; 22:00:00)

  2. Use a schedule that starts every night at 10PM and ends every day at 6AM. Then it becomes something like:
    OverNightAlarm AlarmTripped and sOvernight

(Both of those with repeats, I assume)

Part of me likes #2 because I can give it a name (“sOvernight”) and use that name in conditions without having to remember why I have the other condition in between the times, but if #1 works better for any reason I’ll gladly go with that.

Thanks for any ideas.

Either is fine …

But you do not need Repeats turned on …
You will truly be a PLEG Master when you know why!

Thank you!

OK I’ll guess that you don’t need repeats because the motion sensor does the repeating for you. Every new “triggered” state causes the condition to be true again (or not true when the triggered state ends)?

Even if I’m right - which I’m not counting on - I’d still have a ways to go before “Master.”

Thanks again.

Most security devices do NOT send a triggered if they are currently triggered.
The sequence of events is:
Tripped → Not Tripped → Tripped → Not Tripped.

So the trigger would be:
True → False → True → False

You would want Repeats if the device did produce a sequence of events as:
Tripped … Tripped … Tripped … Not Tripped
In this case the trigger would be:
True … True … True … False

If you wanted to trigger on the repeated trues … you would set “Repeats” to true.

OK good to know. Thank you once again - much appreciated.